Njuifile : Claiming Unemployment Benefits At www.njuifile.net

Njuifile : If you are a resident of New Jersey and are unemployed, you can claim your unemployment benefits by going online to www.njuifile.net. The Department of labor and workforce Development of New Jersey allows you to file for unemployment insurance benefits. This department does not charge any fees for you to apply but there are certain conditions that you must be able to meet.


• You must have worked in New Jersey in the past 18 months.
• You must not have worked for the Federal Government
• You must not have served in the military in the past 18 months
• You must not have worked in the maritime services in the past 18 months
• You must reside in the USA.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply online for your unemployment benefits at www.njuifile.net website. If you do not wish to file your claim by computer, you can also file your claim by calling your Reemployment Call Center.

Steps to apply for Unemployment Benefits.

To apply for your unemployment benefits you need to follow a few steps.

• You need your social security number.
• Information regarding your employer in the last 18 months. This will include the name, address, telephone number.
• Beginning and end dates of your employment and also the reason for your unemployment
• If you are not a citizen of the USA you will need your Alien Registration documentation issued by the immigration authorities.
• If you wish to have your benefits deposited into your bank account, you will need to fill in the details of your bank account.

Steps to File your Unemployment Claim online

To apply for your unemployment claim online you need to take the following steps.

• Have a piece of paper and pen to take down important information.
• You need to have a computer and an internet connection.
• You then need to go on to www.njifile.net website.
• Register for an Unemployment benefits online ID if you do not have one. If you have one just log in.
• Click on the ‘ File an unemployment claim’ button
• Now you need to follow the instructions and fill in the necessary information like tax information, employers information, filing for weekly benefits, bank information for direct deposit, address change if any.

By going online to www.njuifile.net to file a claim for your unemployment benefits makes it much easier and faster for you to receive those benefits. This website also is open to process claims on Sunday and if you file on Sunday, the claims are processed quicker than if you file on a week day.

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