How to File for your Unemployment Weekly Claim Online?

The moment you lose your job, the first thing that you should do is to file for unemployment (NJuifile) weekly claim. If you are eligible for such claim, you will be asked to prepare some paperwork on each week that you are unemployed in order to receive insurance benefits from the government. The good news is that this can now be done online.

What you Need

Since the process is done online, then you certainly need to have a computer that is connected to the Internet. When you have this, open your browser and do a search of your State’s employment website. As soon as you found the site, look for the section that is dedicated for unemployment weekly claim.

Sign Up on the Site

You will then be asked to sign up on the website and be asked to come up with a PIN which will give you access for the claim each week. You should also have your Social Security Number ready because the website will be asking you for this. As soon as you have provided the information, you will then be taken to the next page that will ask you questions about the unemployment weekly claim.

What Questions Are Asked?

The questions that will be asked will vary depending on the state, but usually, you will be asked if you are presently looking for a job for that week that you are asking for a claim. You will then be asked if you are willing to work at a certain time and when was the last time you were employed. You might also be asked about your previous employment so be prepared to answer all these in order to receive your unemployment weekly claim.

If you are approved to receive the unemployment weekly claim, you should expect to receive the check in the next three to four days.

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